CUSR Programs & Events

CUSR is an intergovernmental cooperative made up of Champaign and Urbana Park Districts that was founded in 1985. CUSR provides year round leisure and recreation opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Our mission is to enhance participants’ abilities in enjoyable, recreational, leisure, and social settings. CUSR participants’ explore new areas of interest, make new acquaintances, and learn lifetime leisure skills. Our services include inclusive and cooperative programs, special events, after school programs, overnights, trips, Special Olympics, summer day camps and much more. CUSR offers many wonderful Programs and Events. CUSR and its member park districts believe that all individuals should be provided with leisure opportunities that allow for performance at their highest level of ability.
We understand that not every person who has a special need desires CUSR programming. In cooperation with the Champaign Park District and the Urbana Park District, CUSR staff will be happy to assist and advise any resident who is interested in participating in local park district programs. CUSR will provide the type of support deemed necessary for successful participation. Support may include training with the park district staff members, consultation with the individual and the individual’s family members, and the assistance of a support staff member. CUSR provides all inclusion services at no cost to the individual. For more information, please contact CUSR.
Please note. The online registration available on this website is not completely ADA Compliant. If you need assistance  registering for a program or event please contact us.

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