Help CUSR Sell Popcorn!

Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation works to bring recreation to all those who want to play. Our scholarship fund benefits individuals and families who need financial support to attend our programs. Scholarships are available to Champaign and Urbana residents for use towards CUSR Youth & Teen, Adult, or Athletic programs as well as special events.

CUSR Popcorn Fundraiser on November 26-30 to support our scholarship program, visit
Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation will be selling Double Good Popcorn to support our scholarship fund! 50% of all sales during our 4-day sale will go towards helping individuals with disabilities in C-U have fun!
You can follow our Facebook Event now to get ready for the main event! But before then, get familiar with the app and how you can participate in our fundraising event November 26, 5p-November 30, 5p!

Here are the steps to help:

1. Please head to the app store on your phone to download the Double Good Popcorn app, or click one of these depending on your type of smart phone :



2. Once downloaded, the app will walk you through next steps to set up your store. The app will ask for a fundraiser code to connect you with our campaign:

Fundraiser Code: AEKCCO

3. At that point, you should be able to personalize your store with a message and photo. There are videos on the homepage of the app to help walk you through the process as well.

  • We kindly ask that each of you edit the message of your store to read: “I’m raising money for CUSR’s scholarship fund to financially assist Champaign and Urbana residents with disabilities to attend recreational programs and events.”
  • Please use this photo for your store image! >>

4. In you store, you will see a giant “share pop-up store link” button. At 5p on November 26, 2023, click that link and share with everyone you know (text, email, social media, etc.) until the close of our campaign on November 30, 5p.

5. If you preview your store, scroll to see a button for participants to “make a popcorn donation” that will be delivered to a first responders. We do not get to choose the first responders, but we still receive half of the proceeds.

6. Here is the link to the scholarship fund in case donors want to give directly to the foundation.>>


If you are having trouble creating your own store but still want to participate, that’s okay! You can buy popcorn from the CUSR Pop-Up Store!

CUSR Pop-Up Store >>

Thank you for your support!


We appreciate your help building up the CUSR scholarship fund. Your assistance helps provide a world of opportunity to our participants.

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