Fit Club (Ages 14+)

Video chat screen with one large main screen. instructor demonstrating stretch with her hand over her head, other hand on hip and leaning to stretch side. Others in smaller screen are following her instructions.

Fit Club is a program that combines, nutrition, fitness, and friendship! At this program we will meet weekly to talk healthy lifestyle tips, exercise, and nutrition! We will prepare a healthy snack, share a recipe to try home and try, as well as do a short exercise routine. Participants will be encourage to share ideas and tips with other participants and be supportive of one another’s health goals and progress. We hope to help you all reach your goals and feel good!


Deadline to Register: January 4
Price: $20/$30 (R/NR)
Time of Program: 4:00pm – 4:40pm
Meeting Days: Wednesday & Friday
Location: Zoom