2020 Award Banquet Honorees

Every year, we honor participants, staff, and community partners at our Annual Awards Banquet. Since we were unable to hold our festivities this year, we would like to honor our 2020 award winner virtually!

Wylan Bird – Youth Participant of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Youth Participant of the Year: Wylan Bird

Wylan brings so much happiness to CUSR. Our staff have absolutely loved watching him grow over the years and getting to know his fun personality. Wylan has been a regular After School Program and Camp participant at CUSR. Staff described Wylan as lovable and adventurous. He loves playing at the playground, listening to stories, building tents and forts, tracing pictures, reciting lines from his favorite characters, and so much more! We are so proud of Wylan and cherish having him in our programs.

Angela Bronson – Adult Participant of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Adult Participant of the year: Angela Bronson

Angela is a joy to interact with. Her inviting personality and awesome dance moves are some of the best things we at CUSR get to witness when she is at programs. Staff members and participants at CUSR consistently talk about her willingness to help. She has helped many new participants and staff feel welcome and a part of CUSR. It has been a joy to watch her participate in our theatre programs, dances, and sports activities. The participants and staff talk about how joyful, helpful, and kind she is. Her smile, positivity, and awesome dance moves never go unnoticed and it is a pleasure to have her at programs.

Kaydence Rice – Female Athlete of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Female Athlete of the Year: Kaydence Rice

Kaydence is a dynamic athlete. She has participated in basketball, volleyball, and aquatics. She is a natural when it comes to athletics, but that does not stop her from working hard at each practice to improve. What is even more impressive than her athletic ability is her sportsmanship. She embodies every aspect of a great teammate and competitor. Kaydence brings positivity and fun to every practice or competition she is at. Staff and participants love being around her, and we are lucky to have her here at CUSR!

Kevin Livingston – Male Athlete of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Male Athlete of the Year: Kevin Livingston

Kevin is an incredibly talented athlete and a fierce competitor. Over the years, he as participated in softball, basketball, track & field, bowling. He brings his natural athletic ability and dedication to being the best he can be to every sport he participates in. He is a leader to his teammates. It is a pleasure to see Kevin shine through athletics, and to experience how much fun he has with his teammates and coaches.

Diojanae Terry – Youth & Teen Staff of the Year

2020 CUSR Awards Banquet 2020 Youth & Teen Staff of the Year: Diojanae Terry

Didi is a bright light at CUSR. You can always find her engaged with the participants – whether its singing, dancing, crafts, playing on the playground, you name it! It is always a fun time when she is around. Didi is nurturing, enthusiastic, and committed to giving our youth & teen participants the best experience possible while they are at our programs. She is a supportive co-worker and dedicated employee. Both staff and participants love being around her. We are so thankful for her contribution!

Tristan Elzy – Adult Staff of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Adult Staff of the Year: Tristan Elzy

Tristan encompasses the qualities and values that we have at CUSR. Tristan always maintains a positive attitude and eagerness. Every time she comes into work she has a smile on her face and is ready to give the participants a quality program. It has been a joy to watch her grow and interact with the participants during dances and outings. The participants and staff members talk about how helpful, kind, and joyful she is. Tristan’s hard work and positivity never goes unnoticed and she is greatly appreciated by the staff and participants.

Sara Connolly – Athletic Staff of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Athletic Staff of the Year: Sara Connolly

Sara has been one of our most consistent and dedicated coaches over the past several years. She has been our Mustang Aquatics coach since 2015, and an incredible asset to CUSR. Sara’s investment in each and every one of our athletes has helped so many of them improve their skills and reach new goals. Sara has been an excellent coach and mentor. Our athletes absolutely love getting to work with her. She brings so much positivity to practices and competitions. We are so fortunate to have a coach that embodies everything we value at CUSR. Sara’s devotion to our program and athletes is second to none!

Elena Frizzell – Inclusion Staff of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Inclusion Staff of the Year: Elena Frizzell

Elena has been an Inclusion Assistant at CUSR since 2017. During her time with us, she has been dependable, motivated, and courteous. Elena has been so devoted to the participants she has worked with. She is nurturing, goal-oriented, and puts forth great effort to meet each participant’s individual needs. She has worked at many CPD and UPD programs and provides unwavering support to all of her fellow inclusion staff, park district staff, and the participants. She is a true model of inclusion and very deserving of this award.

Anita Stein – Volunteer of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Volunteer of the Year: Anita Stein

We are thankful beyond measure for Anita here at CUSR. Anita has been an integral part of developing CUSR’s Theatre 101, Musical Theatre, and Film 101 programs. She has been involved from the very beginning of these programs, and her dedication has helped them continue to be successful. Anita writes scripts, mentors our actors, creates sets, props, and costumes, and makes our participants feel like the stars they are. She is an invaluable part of CUSR and so very deserving of our Volunteer of the Year award.

Special Olympics Illinois Region I – Friend of the Year

CUSR 2020 Awards Banquet 2020 Friend of the year: Special Olympics Illinois Region I

CUSR has a long history of working with Special Olympics Illinois. With their support, we are able to offer so many competitive sports and skills programs to our Mustang athletes. SOIL keeps us on top of coaches and volunteer trainings, competitions, and new program developments. Special Olympics contains so many of our most popular programs, and we are so thankful to SOIL for equipping us such excellent resources, information, and opportunities to allow us to provide the best variety of programs to our participants!

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